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Our Team

Our team of dedicated professionals has over a decade of experience in the real estate game, specializing in multi-family properties and crafting exceptional real estate syndications.
From blueprints to bestsellers, Kent's story is one of building. 30+ years in construction saw him orchestrate projects, mentor young minds, and even author the acclaimed book "Beyond the Tool Belt". But his ambition went beyond bricks and mortar. In 2006, he began investing in SFRs and multifamily apartments across diverse markets, building not just wealth, but communities.

Kent A. Kiess

Rik's journey began not with bricks and mortar, but with bits and bytes. For over two decades, he navigated the world of technology, guiding Fortune 100 clients towards cutting-edge solutions. But in 2006, a new passion emerged: real estate. Starting small, he honed his skills, and by 2018, he had a laser focus on multifamily apartments. Today, Rik's portfolio boasts over 1,000 doors across 5 markets, with a staggering $50 million in assets under his management.

Ric Chatterjee

Sean oversees the operation and asset management side of the business and has been investing since 2005. Sean has experience with rehabbing and building homes. He also has over 30 years of experience saving lives as a Firefighter in Columbus, Ohio. Retiring as a Lt. Chief in 2023. He currently owns and operates several investment properties. in multiple states.

Sean L. Kiess

Operations & Asset Management
Angie a tech visionary with 25+ years in banking, insurance, finance, and specialty products. As the architect of our tech landscape, she excels in designing secure investor portals and communication gateways. A perpetual learner, she stays ahead in tech trends. Angie passionately aligns with KC-Investments, sharing a commitment to growing generational wealth. Her journey is about building a legacy that intertwines finance and innovation, leaving an indelible mark on technology and prosperity.

Angelia M. KiessFlegal

Chief Technology Officer
Joy, a Business Administration graduate from World Citi Colleges, Manila, is the backbone of our daily operations. With a background in Real Estate Admin and Marketing Assistance, she skillfully supervises marketing plans and ensures the team stays organized and focused, contributing to the seamless functioning of the business.

Joy Solis

Administration & Marketing
Gino is an investor, business owner and entrepreneur. He has been investing in real estate for 15 years and has grown his multifamily portfolio to over 1100 units in just 6 years and over $70,000,000 in assets. He has teamed up with Jake Stenziano to create Jake and, a real estate educational company that offers coaching and training in real estate investing. Visit the website for more info.
Advisory Board
He is the best-selling author of Wheelbarrow Profits and co-founder of, the only multifamily real estate investment education company that teaches investors the three pillars of sound apartment investing. Jake is a leading expert on investing in the multifamily space and currently owns over 1400 multifamily units. Visit the website for more info.
Advisory Board